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Insight Enterprises conducted a survey involving 400 IT decision-makers and found that 95% of them say the impact of the pandemic accelerated organizations’ transformation needs.

The 2022 Insight Intelligent Technology Report found that almost all IT leaders surveyed reported that supply chain disruption affected them.

The survey contained responses of 400 North America-based IT leaders. It was structured to have 23 questions and was distributed to the respondents on September. 2 out of 3 said they believe their enterprise has successfully adapted to the pandemic and adjusted to the new tech-driven reality.

Challenges remain

The senior Veep and general manager of solutions at Insight, Stan Lequin, said the question now becomes ‘can the companies sustain and build on the progress made so far?’

Lequin said it all comes down to being ambitious during the transformation while funding the underlying IT infrastructure that powers everything, including collaboration tools for remote working, edge computing, and processes automation.

He added that IT executives struggle with real challenges that include global supply chain issues and talent shortages as responsibilities pile up, with internal obstacles to boot.  

The outlook

More than 50% of all IT leaders said security was at the top of their priority lists as they modernize their IT foundation.

Nearly 4 out of 10 said cloud infrastructure and platform-managed services would come first. At the same time, 37% reported that data analytics is their primary focus—other mentioned things like software-as-a-service and cloud monitoring.

When looking ahead into the next three years, respondents expect their work will be impacted more by high-performance computing, AI, machine learning, data analytics, and increasingly digitalized workspaces. About 61% said that internal challenges would be the biggest obstacle on their path to IT modernization, followed by security and data privacy, other vital aspects of the process, and funding.