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Loft Labs introduces templates to its Kubernetes management tool

Loft Labs introduces templates to its Kubernetes management tool

Loft Labs introduces the first large-scale update to Loft, a solution to facilitate the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters. Loft ‘version 2’ allows administrators to store and provide ready-to-use templates of Kubernetes clusters.

A Kubernetes cluster is required to manage containerized applications in Kubernetes. Kubernetes’ proprietary API and command-line tool (kubectl) allow users to interact with a cluster for the set-up, deployment and management of containers. Knowledge of Kubernetes architecture, its API and command-line tool is conditional for any form of cluster deployment. While no one can completely remove that condition, several developers are looking for ways to make the process easier. Among them: Loft Labs. Its platform allows administrators of Kubernetes clusters to enable others to create and deploy clusters. Operations that normally occur through command-line and API interactions can be visualized in a UI.

Version 2

Now Loft Labs announces the first major update to the platform. Loft ‘version 2’ introduces templates of Kubernetes clusters. An administrator has the ability to provide and save a cluster with all the requirements and configuration. Resultingly, the actual deployment can be done with as little as the push of a button, allowing software developers — among others — to roll out a cluster and associated applications on their own initiative. Loft Labs mentions the deployment of solution demos and trials as a practical example.