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Sumo Logic announces its Observability Platform has been updated to allow further tracing of functions and applications in AWS Lambda.

Sumo Logic shares the news at re:Invent 2021, AWS’ annual conference. Sumo Logic is a partner of AWS Lambda, an Amazon tool for executing code without having to set up the necessary infrastructure manually.

By integrating monitoring tools, Sumo Logic develops a single platform for overseeing the performance and health of functions and applications across various cloud services, including AWS Lambda. Now, the organization says the platform has improved its ability to trace functions and applications in AWS Lambda. To illustrate the statement, we elaborate on the concept of tracing.

Tracing and Observability

Sumo Logic’s platform includes an observability solution. Such solutions record and analyze the three so-called pillars of observability: logs, metrics and traces.

Logs are literal records of the events that occur after a function or application is executed, often expressed in text. Metrics are preset values that represent the quality of a specific component of a function or application. Consider a single number for the value breakdown of an application’s uptime. Traces represent the system-wide journey taken after the execution or request of a function or application. For example, to classify the performance of a containerized application, whose data is processed by multiple system components.

Logs, metrics and traces expose sensitive information about a function or application. Since Amazon is responsible for the privacy of users of AWS Lambda, Amazon determines who has access to the logs, metrics and traces of functions and applications AWS Lambda. To do this, Amazon develops proprietary tools such as AWS CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail. Sumo Logic’s role revolves around integrating these tools.

Sumo Logic Observability Platform

Sumo Logic incorporates AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail and OpenTelemetry into its platform to retrieve the logs, metrics and traces of code in AWS Lambda. Thereby, Sumo Logic enables users of AWS Lambda to recognize the root cause of system-wide problems and optimize application and function performance.

At AWS re:Invent 2021, the organization states that its platform has been better enabled to register and analyse the traces of applications and functions in AWS Lambda. Details of the technological workings are lacking, so only time can tell if and how the news will materialize.

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