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Pure Storage launches 5.8 PB NVMe FlashArray//XL for data centers

Pure Storage launches 5.8 PB NVMe FlashArray//XL for data centers

Pure Storage introduces the FlashArray//XL, a rack with 40 NVMe flash modules (drives) and a total capacity of 5.8 petabytes.

The launch entails the most powerful array in Pure Storage’s offering. The capacity of the most comparable model, the FlashArray//X, peaks at 3.3 petabytes. A single FlashArray//XL is capable of delivering 5.5 petabytes. This makes the release more suitable for large-scale data centers and the storage needs of demanding workloads.

In practice

The new array was designed for Pure Fusion, a so-called Storage-as-a-Service model launched by Pure Storage in September.

Pure Fusion introduces an autonomous management layer on top of an organization’s infrastructure. Arrays in the infrastructure are recognized. From there, storage hardware can be overseen and managed as a whole. Operators are able to allocate the capacity of arrays to workloads from an interface.

End users of storage, such as the customers of data center or the IT department of a large organization, can manage storage objects independently via an API. Such self-service relieves operators of workloads.

The introduction of FlashArray//XL adds scalability to Pure Fusion. New systems are relatively easy to add to a Pure Fusion environment. After connecting a FlashArray//XL and designating the desired storage tier, the solution is immediately available to workloads configured for the tier.