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Island, a Dallas-based startup, introduced itself to the broader world today by releasing a web browser designed to give enterprises the kind of security they need while remaining simple to use and familiar.

The browser, aptly named Enterprise Browser, embeds all the needed security and requirements in one browser. Enterprise security teams do not need to use special plugins or third-party software like they do with consumer-level software to make them compliant with internal security to avoid data leaks out of secured networks.Doing what consumer browsers have never done

Mike Fey, the co-founder and CEO of Island, said that organizations have had to use consumer browsers for corporate computing environments for decades now, something they are “never built to deliver.”

The browser has risen to prominence as a great way to connect the internet and deliver/connect users of networked apps. Employees use it for email, calendar updates, social media and just about everything else, especially in the new ‘work-from-home’ reality.

Even in enterprises where desktop apps could be used, browsers still play a significant role to connect users and giving them access to the newest and best tools and features.

Chromium, but better

The Enterprise Browser is based on the open-source software project Google Chrome is built on, Chromium. Using Chromium makes the Enterprise Browser feel normal and does not introduce a vastly different interface that may interfere with the user experience.

However, it has been tweaked behind the scenes to offer better security control, governance over data usage, user activity and visibility.

The browser provides a dashboard that offers granular control of everything to cover any avenues that may expose critical data.