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VMware vCenter Converter is no longer available. VMware removed the software’s download link in response to unclear security threats.

VMware vCenter Converter was designed to automatically convert physical systems to virtual machines. The most recent update took place in 2019. Since then, VMware has ceased to support the software. That spurred the organization to remove the download link from the product page.

According to VMware, Converter has security issues. Removing the software appears to be more valuable than developing a patch. “A precautionary measure to protect our customers from using legacy technology”, the organization explains. “VMware vCenter Converter no longer complies with our security standards.”

Tanzu and Application Transformer

On the day after the removal of VMware Converter, VMware launched the ‘Application Transformer’. The software can be used for scanning apps in VMs to find issues that need to be addressed in order to containerize the apps. For example, the tool helps migrate VMs to containers in VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, a Kubernetes management service.

The timing of Application Transformer — a day after the removal of Converter — is striking. VMware is increasingly investing in containerization. That focus may come at the expense of VMware vSphere and vCenter. According to VMware, Converter will be succeeded by a new solution over time. The release date is unknown: VMware “cannot commit to any specific timelines for its release”.

Tip: VMware makes Tanzu Application Platform generally available