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Salesforce managed to total sales of nearly 24 billion euros — a 25 procent increase from 2020.

The Subscription and Support business unit was the highest earner. This unit generated grew by 25 procent and totalled sales of 6.15 billion euros (6.83 billion dollars).

Revenue from market segments

Each market segment of the Subscription and Support business unit managed to post sales of more than 900 million euros ($1 billion). The Service segment recorded the most revenue: 1.5 billion euros ($1.7 billion), 18 percent up from 2020. The Platform and Other segment was the fastest grower: a 53 percent rise totalling 1.3 billion euros ($1.4 billion).

Greater need for Salesforce products

According to Salesforce, the past year’s growth can be attributed to a sharp increase in customer demand for cloud and CRM products. According to Salesforce, its Customer 360 platform became essential for many business operations. Salesforce reasons that the sales spike in the Platform and Other market segment is primarily due to the acquisition of Slack.

Salesforce says it has no acquisitions planned for this year. The company notes that Slack’s functionality will likely be integrated into new solutions and applications shortly.