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Google LLC announces the release of a new update for its Android tablet-optimized mobile operating system.

Android 12L is currently available as a “feature drop” for Google’s Pixel phones and will soon be available on tablets and foldable devices from Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft.

The most significant changes will only be visible on bigger screens — tablets, and foldables – with the inclusion of a new taskbar showing up to six programs being the most notable. The idea is to use it for rapid movement between programs during multitasking and make switching to split-screen mode easier.

Multitasking just got smoother

In a blog post, Android Vice President of Engineering Andrei Popescu said that users can now drag & drop apps from the taskbar to go into the split-screen mode for multitasking. They can watch a video while scanning the news or search for a place to stay during a trip while viewing the location.

The Recents screen now has a grid view, while the lock screen and notifications display now has a two-column style. Popescu noted that this provides consumers greater room to see and swipe away alerts.

Navigation efficiency

The two-column format is also applied to the Settings app. Users will be able to view more information quickly while setting up a new device or making modifications to an existing one, Popescu added. It will also allow you to change settings without navigating through each sub-menu.

Strangely, the Pixel phone is receiving the update as well. Because it has a smaller screen, none of the aforementioned functions will be seen. However, there are a few new animations and usability upgrades.

Popescu said Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft will release their Android 12L updates starting later this year.