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BearingPoint, one of IFS’ growing technology partners, announces the formation of Arcwide. Starting in April, the new organization will focus on implementing IFS Cloud. Arcwide is founded by both IFS and BearingPoint.

IFS closely collaborates with a partner channel to implement IFS Cloud for end customers. BearingPoint is one of its highly valued implementation partners, receiving the title of Growth Partner of the Year 2021.

Today, BearingPoint and IFS announced a joint venture: Arcwide. The new organization will focus on implementing IFS Cloud for customers in the EU and UK starting in April 2022.


At a glance, BearingPoint creates a new competitor. BearingPoint implements IFS Cloud as well. In reality, its portfolio extends well beyond IFS. Unlike BearingPoint, Arcwide will be exclusively implementing IFS Cloud. “That allows us to provide a unified experience for a customer’s entire lifecycle”, shares Philippe Chaniot, Arcwide’s upcoming CEO.

Part of BearingPoint’s current business will shift to Arcwide. “Both BearingPoint and IFS are investing significantly to move resources to Arcwide”, adds a spokesperson.