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Google’s newest update to its Android Messages app includes not just the complete public release of its long-anticipated support for iOS reactions but also a plethora of additional new features to better communication between Android and iOS users, as well as several quality-of-life enhancements.

The inclusion of support for iOS reactions is likely to be the most noteworthy part of this new update.

The compatibility feature, which has been in development for over a month, will transform iOS reactions that were previously converted to basic text on Android devices to native Emoji most accurately expressing the reaction’s meaning, including 👍, 😍, 😂, 😮, 😥, 😡, and 👎.

Apple still refuses to support the RCS protocol

This new capability has added additional elements to improve Android to iOS chats. Google now supports sending full-quality photographs and movies to non-RCS users on iOS via Google Photos links shared through Messages.

Similarly, previews will soon be available for YouTube URLs transmitted from Android smartphones to iPhones.

Apple’s refusal to implement the RCS protocol, which allows for rich messaging features between different devices, has long been a source of frustration for Google and others in the mobile device business.

While we wait

Simple tweaks like this should help smooth out the differences between Android and iOS messaging systems have while hoping that someday, Apple will do the sensible thing instead of the most profitable one. However, that seems like wishful thinking, so this update and others like it will have to do.

Google has improved various parts of Messages to make users’ experiences simpler.

The app now includes the ability to delete one-time password messages after 24 hours, sort your inbox into Personal and Business messages, an automated gentle reminder to check unread messages, and birthday reminders for all contacts with birthdate information.