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DocuSign introduces a solution for creating, negotiating and storing contracts. CLM Essentials, short for Contract Lifecycle Management, provides a central platform for contract management.

“It’s too risky to trust small teams with manually drafting, negotiating and managing contracts”, shared a spokesperson during the announcement. DocuSign is introducing CLM Essentials to bridge the gap. The solution automates contract management.

DocuSign CLM Essentials

CLM Essentials consists of several modules. Document generation template builder allows existing contracts to be uploaded and converted to dynamic templates. Resultingly, any existing contract can be edited in an online editor.

Contract process builder provides workflow templates for the most common contract processes. Multiple Salesforce integrations make Salesforce data available to improve efficiency for joint customers.


DocuSign is known for eSignature, a solution for legally binding digital signatures. The introduction of CLM Essentials is a big step towards a broader market. The solution is available starting today.

Tip: DocuSign continues to invest in digital signature technology startups