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Software provider Spotler Group announces the acquisition of OBI4wan, a marketing software developer.

OBI4wan was founded in 2011. In recent years, the company developed quite a portfolio. Its software is used by the marketing departments of major banks, media concerns and manufacturers in The Netherlands. The portfolio has four services. OBI Engage centralizes customer contact and social media publishing in a single environment. The OBI Brand Monitor automatically scans the web for mentions of an organization. OBI Insights provides insightful reports through marketing consultants. Lastly, the company develops and integrates custom chatbots.

Spotler Group announced the acquisition of OBI4wan. Today, the software provider serves more than 3,000 customers in eight European countries. Spotler Group is a parent company for several marketing service providers and developers. Its aim is clear: a full-stack marketing portfolio for customers in various sectors.

OBI4wan and Spotler Group

For now, all subsidiaries retain their name and customers. Though OBI4wan becomes a part of Spotler Group, the company will continue under its own flag. Spotler Group is expected to integrate OBI4wan’s technology with its existing portfolio. The portfolio includes software from Spotler (lead generation), Squeezely (data management), Tripolis, Pure 360 and Flowmailer (email marketing).

The concern is rapidly expanding. In 2021, it acquired Pure360 and Squeezely. OBI4wan is the first acquisition of 2022. “The next step in realising our mission”, comments Alexander de Ruiter, co-founder and CEO of OBI4wan.

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