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Microsoft is acquiring Scaptify, a Shopify connector developed by Scapta. The connector will be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft sought an application able to connect Microsoft’s environment to the Shopify e-commerce platform. In its search, the tech giant arrived at Scaptify, a Shopify connector developed by Belgium’s Scapta.

Microsoft will acquire the licence while Scapta remains on board to help migrate existing customers. Approximately 300 webshops already use the connector. Scapta will work with Microsoft over the next two years to support the application and further expand its functionality. Scapta is proud of the acquisition because Microsoft considers the code to be of great quality. The connector passed the code acceptance test without any problems.


It is not known what the price model will be after the acquisition. Scaptify is free up to 30 transactions per month. The sandbox version allows 10000 transactions per month. In addition, there are two models of 1,500 dollars (1,395 euros) per year and 3,000 dollars (2,789 euros) per year. Meanwhile, Scaptify is available for free in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and can be installed via Microsoft AppSource.

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