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Freshworks launches full CRM solution for Shopify

Freshworks launches full CRM solution for Shopify

Freshworks CRM for e-commerce is now available. The SaaS solution combines marketing, customer service and CRM with an integration into Shopify.

Coveo research shows that 96 percent of consumers are less loyal to a brand following a poor customer service experience. Marketing and customer service are inextricably linked. Freshworks combines the two in Freshworks CRM for e-commerce, a new SaaS solution with a pre-built integration into Shopify.

Freshworks’ portfolio includes SaaS for marketing, sales and customer service. Most solutions are focused on one of the three categories. Freshworks CRM for e-commerce stands out from the crowd. Freshworks combined marketing automation, customer service and an integration into e-commerce platform Shopify.

Freshworks CRM for e-commerce

The service includes several tools. Firstly, Freshworks allows users to build marketing campaigns via email, chatbots, SMS, WhatsApp and social media. The solution reads data from Shopify and maps customer behaviour to recommend the most effective channels. Messages can be sent from a central dashboard to customers on any channel.

Secondly, the solution contains pre-built chatbots for customer contact. Multiple templates allow users to send automatic website messages based on customer behaviour. One of the bots contacts customers after they abandon their shopping cart. Another bot answers questions on order information.

In addition, the solution contains a complete service desk. The service desk offers a central environment for support staff, wherein messages from multiple channels can be answered centrally. Finally, the solution analyses data from Shopify and an organization’s customer database. Thereby, Freshworks recommends ways to increase recurring revenue and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

“Freshworks CRM for e-commerce is designed to help local businesses get a full picture of customers”, says Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer at Freshworks. “In addition, customers will never again have to do things they hate, like repeat order details or sift through irrelevant products and advertising mailings.”

Tip: Freshworks to conquer CRM market with simplicity, price and implementation