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Microsoft is providing the option to restore previously installed apps from the Microsoft Store to a new Windows PC in Windows 11.

The functionality should make setting up a new Windows PC considerably easier for Windows 11 users. Instead of searching for and reinstalling previously installed applications in the Store’s Library area, customers may restore apps on the new device with a single click.

On the Windows Developer blog, Giorgio Sardo, the Microsoft Store general manager, said the move would help customers quickly and seamlessly transition to their new PCs.

Feature testing in the Windows Insider channel soon

Microsoft wants to test the new feature in the Windows Insider channel with the hope it will help customers automatically restore their apps, previously installed from the Microsoft Store, to their new Windows device.

It also benefits developers because it eliminates the need for customers to be reminded to re-download an app they already possess.

Users will see a list of icons for programs downloaded on a current Windows PC in the Microsoft Store app and will have the choice to “Restore all” or “Select apps” for reinstalling on the new device.

Improving the Microsoft Store

Microsoft also wants to increase app discoverability in the Microsoft Store, which has been sparsely filled, and attract more app developers. Microsoft Teams was not even available in the Store until this month.

When Windows 11 was released in October, Microsoft overhauled the Microsoft Store, promising Adobe Creative Cloud, Disney+, TikTok, Zoom, Teams, Visual Studio, Notepad, and Paint will be accessible.

According to Sardo, ACDSee Gemstone, Adobe Express, Audacity, Canva, Course Hero, Discord, Drawboard PDF, Epic Games, Firefox, Luminar Neo & Luminar AI, Mailchimp, Meitu XiuXiu, Microsoft Teams, OpenOffice, Paramount+, PuTTY, WinZip, and Zoom are among the apps available in the Microsoft Store today.