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Adobe added new functionality to its Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Adobe Real-Time CDP). The updates improve AI-targeting and customer profiles.

Adobe Real-Time CDP allows companies and brands to centralize data in customer profiles. Subsequently, the platform makes it possible to deliver customer service across multiple channels. According to Adobe, the platform serves as an alternative to third-party cookies and helps advertisers reach an effective audience.

New beta functionality allows companies to supplement customer profiles with Adobe Commerce data. The latter solution provides insight into shopping and browsing behaviour. In terms of AI, the platform’s Business-to-Business and Business-to-Person versions receive various tools for building pipelines from Adobe Sensei. Ultimately, the tools help identify promising sales leads. The new Segment Match feature allows companies and brands to manage and activate targeting data across multiple channels.

Privacy and security

Furthermore, the platform gained various privacy and security functionality. For instance, Healthcare Shield allows healthcare providers to use sensitive data for personalized customer experiences. The platform also received new privacy and security tools for data management. The update includes tools for encryption and enforcing customer consent policies.

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