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An outage of multiple Microsoft 365 services is causing delays and login issues.

The outage affects users of Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint, Graph API and Universal Print. Some cannot send emails. Others cannot access Microsoft 365 at all.

“Users may encounter delays and experience failures when accessing some M365 services”, Microsoft said in a message sent to Microsoft 365 customers. “Users may also experience failures when using search functions within the impacted services.”

What now?

The tech giant is investigating the problem. To limit the damage, user traffic has been temporarily rerouted. Microsoft is trying to gain time. The speed of some services gradually improves, but login problems persist.

“We’re redirecting traffic to an alternate, healthy, traffic management infrastructure to mitigate impact, while we continue to investigate the underlying cause of this issue”, the tech giant stressed.

In a Twitter post, Microsoft claimed that 365 administrators can find status updates in the admin center, booked under EX394347 and MO394389. According to website BleepingComputer, several administrators reported that the status updates are nowhere to be found. For now, Twitter seems to be the most up-to-date source of information.


21 June is a black day. Cloudflare struggled with an outage as well. A problem in its data centers caused outages for several large customers, including Discord, NordVPN, Feedly and Medium.com.

The outages were resolved in hours. The cause turned out to be a misconfiguration. One or more employees applied a policy change that made customers’ websites and data inaccessible.

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