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Google updates Password Manager on Chrome and Android

Google updates Password Manager on Chrome and Android

To compete with independent services like 1Password and Bitwarden, Google has updated the built-in password manager for Chrome and Android. 

Users now have the option to actively add passwords to the system instead of depending on Chrome’s automatic functionality. The desktop version of Chrome already featured the capability, but Google announced it will be made available across all platforms.

In addition, the tech giant said it’s planning to integrate the password manager’s interface between Chrome and Android with a streamlined and unified management experience.


Google says the update includes a function that automatically aggregates different credentials used on the same website. Furthermore, to make signing in even quicker, Google announced the new ‘Touch-to-Login’ feature for Android that lets users input their information through an overlay at the bottom of the screen.

Google intends to continue adding features

On Android, Google’s password manager already has a feature that can check for weak passwords and ones already used. On iOS, it can autofill passwords saved in applications other than Chrome.

It is now possible to place a shortcut to Google’s password manager straight on your Android home screen, which is a significant improvement over having to search in your Android settings to access it.


To implement new technologies like passwordless passkeys, Google says it will continue to invest in its password manager. Google is hesitant to turn its password manager into a separate app. However, the tech giant is providing a feature set that is increasingly identical to that of standalone third-party password management tools. 

Tip: Most people still use the same password for multiple accounts