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Broadcom Software president Tom Krause left the organization to become the new CEO of Citrix-TIBCO.

Broadcom is finalizing the acquisition of VMware in the coming months. Broadcom’s software activities, including the divisions of CA and Symantec, will be rebranded to VMware. Although Tom Krause was expected to retain a leadership position, the title of president may have fallen through, which is a possible explanation for the move to Citrix-TIBCO.

SEC statement

Broadcom Software told market authority SEC that Krause is leaving with immediate effect for a position with an unnamed software company. The statement explicitly notes that the top executive’s departure is not the result of differing views on strategy, policies or financial results.

Hock Tan, Broadcom’s current CEO, will take over from Tom Krause and oversee further integration with VMware. It’s unclear if and how the departure will impact VMware’s strategy.

Destination Citrix-TIBCO

It’s become clear that Tom Krause will join Citrix-TIBCO as CEO. This organization was formed at the beginning of this year, after private investment companies bought and merged Citrix with TIBCO. Krause is the successor to the current interim president and CEO Bob Calderoni.

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