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Linux 5.19 rc7 will arrive one week later than planned. The patches for a recently discovered Spectre variant are reportedly unsuitable for open-source projects like Linux.

Researchers recently found a new Spectre variant dubbed Redbleed. According to Linus Torvalds, corresponding patches are yet to be optimized for open-source projects like Linux. The seventh release candidate (rc) for Linux 5.19 has been postponed for a week.

Other problems with rc7

In addition to the Redbleed vulnerability, Torvalds notes two other reasons for the delay. First, there’s a problem with the btfrs file system. Second, there are problems with the controller firmware of Intel Alder Lake processors. Controllers may inadvertently turn off processor graphics boosters. Although both problems are under control, an extra week is needed to fix everything, says Torvalds.

Rc8 version of 5.19

The last two problems mean that Linux 5.19 will get an rc8 release, while rc7 is normally the last version for the open-source operating system. After the final release of version 5.19 comes version 5.20, which is expected to receive Long Term Support.

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