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A recent report reveals that around 50 percent of firms still leverage manual testing as a way to review their applications.

Applitools based the ‘State of UI/UX Testing’ report on input from developers, testers, Q/A administrators, and UI/UX designers from more than 1000 enterprises.

Half rely on manual testing systems to validate applications, regardless of whether the current testing procedures meet the standards of quality that their online services and products have to adhere to.

The survey also highlighted that 30 percent of companies are actively assessing the usability and visuals of an application with every new product development.

A challenge for UI/UX designers

Every company encounters challenges in UI/UX design because UI changes across different device types and applications. Engineering teams have significant difficulty with changes and stability concerns.

Around 38 percent of organizations implement variations to production every day. As a result, there’s been a remarkable rise in the quantity of test analysis needed. Regardless of this increase, most companies still rely on manual testing. As a matter of fact, less than half of testing systems are automated.

Staying ahead

The report also revealed that over 40 percent of assessment tests take around 60 minutes to operate, leading to limitations in delivering the software. “Achieving higher rates of automation for testing digital experiences is vital for companies to stay ahead of the competition and ensure that their users are getting a great experience on every device”, Applitools COO Moshe Milman said.

“Automating a single test case initially is fairly simple but maintaining it over time in a CD environment and implementing cross-device testing and improving test coverage to cover all the critical user flows is more challenging and important than ever today.”