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Google revealed it will begin rolling out its revamped Gmail interface to all account users. Since its first release earlier this year, the new email UI has been offered to a subset of Gmail users on an opt-in basis.

The switch will now occur automatically for those who have Google Chat activated. All other users can initiate it via the Settings menu. The upgrade includes new iconography, design components, and colour palettes. It highlights the connections between Gmail and Google’s other productivity and collaboration products.

What’s new in new Gmail?

The new Gmail layout, announced in early February, intends to consolidate all of Google’s communication services into a single location, reducing the need to switch between different tabs while communicating with customers and coworkers.

The new system includes a sidebar to the left of the email client, allowing users to rapidly switch between Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet. Users can choose which applications show up based on the services provided under their separate Google Workspace subscriptions.

When activated, the new navigation option lets you swiftly transition between your email and critical discussions and join meetings without switching between tabs or opening a new window.

A smooth transition

The company is particularly excited about promoting the Material 3 design language, which underlies the new interface and is intended to provide a “fresh look and feel” across the numerous interconnected applications.

The design is defined by a soft colour palette and softened edges, consistent with Google’s aim for the Android UI. While some may prefer the original Gmail design (which is still available), the new interface is an improvement for most users, and the minor changes to basic inbox functions suggest the move should be reasonably painless.

Tip: Gmail has turned blue