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Google will upgrade its search engine to prioritize high-quality information in search results pages

Google will upgrade its search engine to prioritize high-quality information in search results pages

According to Google’s statement on Thursday, the update will begin rolling out next week. It’s the most recent in a series of improvements to the company’s search engine since 2022 kicked off.

Google intends to address material that appears to have been developed solely to rank highly in search engines rather than to serve or enlighten people.

According to Danny Sullivan, Google’s public liaison for search, in a blog post today, the ranking upgrade will ensure that low-quality, unoriginal material does not rank well in search.

Coming soon

Google has already begun internal testing of the upgrade. According to its testing, the corporation anticipates that the adjustments will bring especially substantial gains when consumers input inquiries about online education, arts, entertainment, retail, and tech.

Google intends to start handing out the upgrade next week, first supporting English search queries. After a few weeks, the company plans to deploy another update centered on product evaluations. When investigating a possible purchase, the update is intended to make it easier for customers to obtain high-quality product reviews.

TIP: Google’s AI update will improve the quality of search result snippets.

The continued push to enhance results

Google announced the planned search enhancements just a few days after upgrading its search engine’s highlighted snippet functionality. Above the search results, the feature shows a panel with information related to the user’s inquiry.

The corporation has deployed a neural network effective at comparing highlighted snippets with data from other sources to guarantee that the content in the panel is genuine.

Google’s search engine is routinely updated with incremental enhancements that do not materially alter the user experience but enhance the overall quality of search results. Last year, the business said it issued hundreds of similar enhancements. Google also conducted over 800,000 feature trials and quality assessments.