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Apple’s iPadOS 16.1 beta is here

Apple’s iPadOS 16.1 beta is here

Apple released the iPadOS 16.1 beta to registered developer devices. The launch deviates from the regular release cycle of iPadOS, which has been linked to iOS since its initial release in 2019.

In reply to TechCrunch’s request for comment, Apple said this is a highly momentous year for iPadOS. According to the statement, the tech giant is able to update iPadOS on a new timeline because the platform has grown independent of iOS. Apple added that the new iPadOS release will be available as a free software upgrade this fall, following the release of iOS 16.

Stage Manager

IPadOS 16 was unveiled earlier this summer at Apple’s annual WWDC event. The new software’s centerpiece is Stage Manager. Like its macOS counterpart, Stage Manager allows for smoother multitasking and app switching.

Using it on a tablet introduces new variables, such as lower screen size and default touchscreen input. The upgrade comes amid consumer backlash over the tablet OS’ implementation of the new function.

Unsurprisingly, the significant change here is an improvement to the Stage Manager. Users can resurface the Stage Manager side rail with a simple gesture while the feature is full screen. The other updates comprise beta bug fixes.

iOS 16

Last month, Apple responded to user feedback on iOS 16 by introducing an edit history on iMessage. The iPhone operating system will likely arrive in the fall, coinciding with Apple’s September iPhone 14 event.

IPadOS 16 was initially supposed to be released alongside iOS 16, but Apple confirmed the launch will be delayed by a few weeks. Though the delay has its downsides, releasing an unfinished OS is unthinkable. Now, all users can do is wait.