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Slowly but surely, iPadOS is getting more and more features that you can also find in a desktop operating system. In iPadOS 16 Stage Manager is added, a nice name for window management. You can now decide how big the window of an app should be and thus also show multiple apps on the same screen in any desired size and let them overlap eachother. Previously, apps were always displayed full screen, or two apps split full screen.

Apple’s iPadOS is getting better and better every year. More and more features that you used to only be able to find in Windows and macOS are coming to iPadOS. This makes the operating system more and more suitable for different purposes. The window management is limited to iPads with the M1 chip. Older iPads do not get this feature.

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Connect iPad to external monitor

Besides window management, Apple also supports external monitors. You will be able to drag and drop apps to the external monitor. Furthermore, Apple has applied some small changes regarding customizable toolbar, determine the order of buttons and a better file management. You can now also change file extensions or view the format of a folder.

Will iPadOS eventually replace macOS?

The conclusion that can be drawn is that iPadOS starts to look more like a full operating system every year. However, it remains a locked operating system, on which you can only install applications from the App Store. It is, therefore, a lot safer than for example Windows or macOS. In addition, it is a lot easier now for application developers to release applications on iPadOS that already work on macOS with Apple’s M-chips. Something we already predicted in 2020. In the long term, this could put pressure on the future of macOS. Something we already predicted in 2020.

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