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Managing large warehouses and distribution centres is a complex operation. Everything comes down to collecting products quickly and efficiently. To help with that, NetSuite is releasing Ship Central, a solution that allows employees to collect the right objects faster using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

NetSuite says warehouses and distribution centres are under pressure to do more work without additional resources, like people or robots. With NetSuite Ship Central, much can be improved through automation and mobile devices.

For example, multiple shipments to the same address can be bundled. Also, the routes that shipments take can be optimized based on cost or time. In addition, workflows can be created that take required procedures or agreements into account. Ship Central itself has the intelligence and insights to optimize the fulfilment process, reduce costs and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

By working more efficiently and handling more shipments in the same time frame, costs go down, more staff can be hired and even more shipments can ultimately be processed.

Combining NetSuite Ship Central with NetSuite Warehouse Management System creates an end-to-end solution for picking, packing and shipping products. Unnecessary and delaying processes can be eliminated. Furthermore, the best or cheapest shipper can be determined for each shipment.

NetSuite Ship Central will be available worldwide in November 2022.

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