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AWS and BMW are intensifying their collaboration in the field of connected cars. The two recently developed a new cloud solution for distributing and managing data from connected cars.

The automotive cloud solutions are to form the basis of a new cloud-based data platform for BMW’s vehicles. The carmaker will use the platform to integrate data from vehicles and ultimately accelerate the development of automotive applications. The platform allows cars to become their own software platform.

Cloud environment

The new solutions ensure that car data such as vehicle signals are collected in a central location accessible to BMW. The data is processed and routed via the cloud in a highly secure manner.

Data processing takes place according to the strictest data security and privacy standards. Data is solely accessible for BMW’s internal connected cars experts, such as vehicle application developers, fleet managers, data scientists and BI professionals. Secure access is provided through a self-service mechanism that continuously collects streamed vehicle data while monitoring the health status of each source.

Once the data is sent to the cloud, BMW’s experts can use other services from AWS, including data analytics, ML, databases, AI development solutions and storage tools. The services allow BMW’s experts to develop new applications and features for connected cars.

Other manufacturers

AWS currently only provides the cloud platform to BMW. At a later stage, the tech giant wants to make the technology widely available for other car manufacturers, as part of its existing AWS for Automotive product. Eventually, these solutions should form the basis for a new generation of software-based cars.

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