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Shopify acquired open-source tool Remix to provide additional design functionality to customers.

Shopify has made waves in the e-commerce sector. The acquisition of Remix is set to further improve its processes and demand. Remix was designed by co-founders Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson, an ex-engineer at Twitter. Remix helps developers create open-source React tools that can assist organizations in building UIs for applications. It’s seen as one of the best design tools out there.

What Shopify has to say

Shopify has used software developed by Florence and Jackson in the past. Among other projects, the duo created React Router, which gained massive traction and was employed by Shopify to architect a front-end development framework called Hydrogen. Many of the duo’s software projects made a mark on the industry, so the acquisition should come as no surprise.

“You’ll be seeing a lot more of the Remix framework in the wild, powering some of the largest commercial sites on the web”, Shopify said. “In addition, Shopify itself will use Remix across many projects, and you can expect to see more of Shopify’s developer platform include first-class support for Remix over time.”

Rough patch

Earlier this year, Shopify acquired fulfilment portal Deliverr for $2.1 billion. In April, the e-commerce giant scooped up Dovetail, a management tool for influencer marketing campaigns. With the acquisition of Remix, Shopify is covering all bases and improving processes across the board.

The organization is investing in hopes of turning around a recent string of losses. Shopify went through a rough patch in Q2 2022. The organization bounced back in Q3 and wants to ride the momentum towards more success.

Whether the acquisition pays off will be determined in time. When considering the past successes of both organizations, it can very well be a great step for Shopify.