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Xerox has acquired Go Inspire to stretch its printing and document services business.

Xerox sells printing and (digital) document services across 160 countries worldwide. Go Inspire provides database marketing services in the United Kingdom, acting as a marketing production house.

The company focuses on customer growth by interpreting, analyzing, and linking to multiple data sources. Hence, Xerox is acquiring Go Inspire to enhance its growth.

Go Inspire

Xerox wants to excel in the digital marketing and services industry. The organization acquired multiple industry players over the years. For instance, NewField IT a digital service provided acquired in 2011.

With the acquisition of Go Inspire, Xerox further widens its range of customer engagement and digital services. Go Inspire’s communications and marketing solutions will merge with Xerox’s print and digital services.

“Go Inspire’s capabilities will support the transformation of our transactional and direct mail services into multi-channel communications, accelerate growth in EMEA and create new avenues for us to help current and new clients”, said Ireland & UK Managing Director and senior vice president of EMEA Global Document Services at Xerox, Darren Cassidy.

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