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Pegasystems updates CRM, RPA and low-code with Pega Infinity 8.8

Pegasystems updates CRM, RPA and low-code with Pega Infinity 8.8

Pegasystems launched Pega Infinity 8.8. The release includes updates for various Pega software solutions, from Customer Decision Hub and Customer Service to Robotic Automation and Pega Platform.

Pega Infinity is an umbrella term for Pega’s software portfolio. The organization develops various solutions. Customer Decision Hub optimizes customer contact, Robotic Automation automates processes and Pega Platform allows users to develop applications without programming. Pega Infinity 8.8 is now available. The release includes updates for several solutions.

Pega Platform and Robotic Automation

Pega App Studio, part of Pega Platform, has been expanded with the Developer Assistant Panel. The new feature uses AI to guide citizen developers during application development. The Developer Assistant Panel automatically suggests ways to develop safer and more efficient apps. The feature helps managers spend less time on guidance.

Pega Robot Studio, part of Pega Robotic Automation, received multiple updates. The solution consists of user-friendly tools for robotic process automation (RPA). Pegasystems claims that users of any skill level can leverage the tools to automate processes.

Pega Customer Decision Hub

In addition, Pegasystems launched pre-built integrations for Pega Customer Decision Hub and data from applications of vendors such as Adobe, Celebrus and ZineOne. These so-called Pega Customer Data Connectors allow Pega Customer Decision Hub to quickly load external data. Pega Customer Decision Hub is one of Pega’s core solutions. The software helps users optimize customer contact.

Pega Customer Service

Voice and Messaging AI, part of Pega Customer Service, has been expanded with ‘call-wrapping’ features. Once a call between an employee and a customer ends, the software creates a timeline of the topics and agreements discussed. The timeline helps users spend less energy and time on remembering conversations and manually taking notes. The feature is made possible by AI transcription.

Finally, the integration of Pega Customer Service and Pega Customer Decision Hub was extended. Organizations that use both solutions can link the systems to leverage insights from Pega Customer Decision Hub during customer contact.

To give an example: Pega Customer Decision Hub makes it possible to generate personalized product discounts based on a customer’s behaviour. Integrating Customer Decision Hub and Customer Service allows service agents to see and suggest these discounts during customer conversations.

Tip: Pegasystems moves to ISO 20022, the new financial data standard