Microsoft introduces Teams Premium with GPT-3 functionality

Microsoft introduces Teams Premium with GPT-3 functionality

Microsoft recently introduced MS Teams Premium. This business version of the well-known platform for video conferencing and collaboration offers, among other things, AI functionality. More specifically, this involves integration of the GPT-3 natural language models. For example, for presenting meeting summaries and listing personal actions for participants.

Microsoft is planning to put more and more AI functionality into its productivity tooling, aiming especially at OpenAI’s AI technology. Hence, among other things, of course, the large investments the tech giant is pumping into this open source initiative.

With the recent introduction of the business Teams version Microsoft Teams Premium, this addition of AI functionality is expanded a lot. Among other things, this version integrates GPT-3 natural language models that should bring more intelligence, personalization and security to the video conferencing and collaboration tool.

GPT-3 functionality in MS Teams Premium

Among other things, these AI models are going to allow meeting participants to focus more on the meeting, rather than on taking notes, for example. MS Teams Premium offers intelligent summaries that automatically take notes of the meeting, suggest tasks and provide personalized highlights. This way, participants get to see all the important information from the meeting, even if they were not present.

In the near future, Microsoft is also going to add timeline markers that show who was speaking at a particular moment. Users can then jump directly to that moment in the recording of the meeting. The tool will adjust these markers individually for each user based on who they work with the most. This way, users never miss feedback from their supervisors.

Furthermore, the AI models allow for live translation of meetings in 40 languages. This too should make meetings in the tool more productive and hassle-free, the developers point out.

Other functionality

In addition to adding GPT-3-inspired AI functionality, MS Teams Premium makes meetings more personal and branded for users. Custom templates should make scheduling meetings easier, for example. It will also be possible to upgrade meeting security. This will ensure that these additional security measures keep meetings confidential without affecting the meeting experience.

Microsoft Teams Premium offers a free 30-day trial version. If companies purchase the service before July 1 of this year, they will pay $7 per month/user. This is a 30 percent discount from the standard price of $10 per month/user.