Teams Rooms users won’t have to pay a license fee until October

Teams Rooms users won’t have to pay a license fee until October

Microsoft is giving MS Teams Rooms hardware users more time to purchase a business license to use these hardware applications. Also, the price of these licenses is going down.

Users of Microsoft Teams Rooms often use personal, sometimes free, licenses to log into the hardware needed for these meeting environments. Think microphones, soundbars and desktop phones that have screens and cameras.

Switching to paid licenses

Personal licenses are used in place of Microsoft’s corporate, paid, MS Teams Rooms licenses. This practice needs to change, according to the tech giant. Users had until July 1 to purchase a business MS Teams Rooms license. After that, the use of a personal license for this needed hardware will be blocked, making using these devices impossible.

Grace period

However, the conversion to business licenses seems to be behind the tech giant’s expectations For a “hassle-free transition for partners and customers,” Microsoft has now extended the deadline from July 1 by 90 days to Sept. 30, 2023.

The cost of the new MS Teams Rooms business licenses required has also been adjusted. The price of a Standard tier for an MS Teams Rooms used to cost $15 per month and has now become free. A Pro version used to cost $50 monthly and now becomes $40.

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