Microsoft announces price for Teams APIs to record and transcribe meetings

Microsoft announces price for Teams APIs to record and transcribe meetings

Microsoft announces pricing for APIs to record and transcribe Teams meetings. The price adds up per minute the meeting runs.

The Graph API was developed by Microsoft and allows Teams meetings to be recorded and transcribed. 600 minutes of online meetings per app per tenant, which is a group of employees connected to the same Azure Active Directory subscription, can be filmed and transcribed for free. Companies that exceed this limit will now pay a price. So writes The Register.

Meeting recording would cost $0.03 per minute, and a transcript creates the API at $0.024 for every minute the meeting lasts.

Catching up on meetings efficiently

In many cases, a written record of the meeting is a more efficient way to make up for a missed meeting or to revisit key points from the meeting. To maintain efficiency, the transcript is supplemented with information such as the time and language of the meeting and the names of the speakers.

Those who dive deeper into the configuration of Graph APIs can enable notes to be supplemented with meeting excerpts. Furthermore, it is possible to collect data on participant engagement during the meeting.

The APIs will eventually incur costs for all organizations. It’s just that some companies will reach the 600 free minutes limit sooner than others.

Make Microsoft Copilot yourself

Competing meeting platforms now aim to help users in meetings and while chatting by integrating generative AI. Zoom introduced AI Companion yesterday as a free service for all users already on a paying subscription.

Microsoft wants to compete against that with Microsoft Copilot, but that again comes at an additional cost of $30 per user per month for most subscriptions. The API allows developers to screw together Microsoft Copilot’s own functionalities, but that comes at a price since Sept. 1.