Microsoft replaces Teams Files with OneDrive for Teams

Microsoft replaces Teams Files with OneDrive for Teams

Microsoft is replacing the existing Files app in Microsoft Teams, where users can store files, with the OneDrive for Teams app. This will give users a constant app experience within Microsoft 365 where they can store and manage all their files.

The Files app in Microsoft Teams has had its day, according to Microsoft. This app will soon be replaced by the revamped OneDrive for Teams app. With this, the tech giant wants to streamline file storage and management policies under the name OneDrive, within the Microsoft 365 platform for all underlying products.

According to Microsoft, this change should give end users better performance for their file storage and management within Teams and Microsoft 365, based on recent OneDrive and Sharepoint library end experience updates.

Various AI functionality will also soon be added to the OneDrive application.

Onedrive voor Microsoft-teams.

New functionality

More specifically, in the new OneDrive application for Teams, users will get, among other things, a single page, OneDrive home, where they can see recent files and other content relevant to them. In the latter case, think about Loop, Lists, Power BI and Whiteboard content that may be stored anywhere within Microsoft 365.

The For You section provides AI-based recommendations with thumbnails and recent updates on file activity.

Shared view shows every file, chat, channel, meeting or email shared with the user. Meetings view shows upcoming and past meetings, including recordings and shared files. People view allows users to search and view specific shared files or chats via people.

Favorites allow users to highlight certain frequently used or important files and access these lists from OneDrive, Teams, File Explorer, other Microsoft 365 apps and more.

Finally, the Recycle bin allows deleted files to be easily accessed and recovered.

Integration of third-party cloud storage apps

There will also be a change for third-party cloud storage apps that integrate with Teams’ Files app. These apps will soon need their app to work with the OneDrive app for Teams.

These apps are free within Teams, and Microsoft is working with these parties, such as Dropbox, to expand the offering quickly.

The new OneDrive application for Microsoft Teams within Microsoft 365 is being slowly rolled out starting this month. Early next year, this integration will also follow for the (free) classic version of Microsoft Teams. For the latter version, however, the Files name in the app will be retained and thus will not change to OneDrive for Teams.

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