Microsoft Teams gets Intelligent Recap feature

Microsoft Teams gets Intelligent Recap feature

Microsoft is adding some new features to Teams. Among them, Intelligent Recap becomes available to Copilot users, optimizing meeting summaries and providing an improved way to share contact information.

First, the Intelligent Recap feature is being introduced this month for Desktop and Mac users of Teams. This feature, originally announced in May 2023 for Teams Premium users, is specifically designed for users of the AI assistant Copilot.

Features Intelligent Recap

Users can get an AI-constructed recap of meetings they missed or want to re-read using the new feature. This functionality provides personalized markups to navigate the recordings based on when users joined or left the meeting.

The feature also allows users to search recordings by speaker, chapters or topics, access AI-generated meeting notes, view recommended tasks or jump to names in the transcript.

Enhanced contact info sharing

The second feature introduced this month for desktop and Mac users of Teams is an easier way to share contact information. Users can now share this information with individuals not (yet) present in a conversation. This way, these individuals can get to know other participants more confidentially.

More new features for Teams are expected throughout 2024.

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