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OpsGenie, a service that sends notifications to engineers in the event of malfunctions in software and websites, has been taken over by Atlassian. Atlassian makes programs that coordinate software development. The acquisition involves 295 million dollars.

The two companies will now work together on a new product for the management of information services, called Jira Ops reports Bloomberg. The program should help IT professionals to track failures and prevent downtime as much as possible. A test version of the program has already been announced.

Within the programme, IT professionals can, for example, monitor malfunctions and inform the right people to solve the problem. They can also set up a chat in Slack to coordinate everything.

The whole thing works together with OpsGenie’s alarm system and Atlassian’s Status Page. The Status page communicates with employees and consumers about downtime. In the long run, all the products must be combined into a single unit.


With the acquisition, Atlassian will compete with ServiceNow. However, according to C0-CEO Scott Farquhar, Atlassian’s approach is different from that of its competitor.

For example, the company focuses on small teams of developers within larger companies, where the company lets the team decide whether they want to use the services. ServiceNow, on the other hand, focuses more on the sale of larger contracts with the top people within enterprisees.

In addition, Atlassian products must become cheaper than those of ServiceNow. In addition, the company hopes that the services will spread through word-of-mouth advertising and other natural means.

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