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Slack has made it easier for users with many channels in the chat service to find information in a specific channel. A new search function has been released for this, reports UC Today.

The new Channel Search feature builds on the company’s Work Graph, which allows users to find the best available channel for the information they need, without having to know too much about the specific paths. The new feature now adjusts results for each user based on the channels they are already active in.

The function works similar to how Slack is already used. A user types in a search term and results appear. This information is not only in the tabs ‘files’ and ‘messages’, but also in the new ‘Channels’ tab. This is where the public and private channels in which the user can be seen can be found. It is also possible to improve or filter the search based on the type of channel or workspace.

Channel Search is already being rolled out to desktop users. Slack asks for feedback on the experience of his community.

Encryption Tool

Last month, Slack also announced its own encryption tool, which allows companies to encrypt employee correspondence using their own encryption keys, among other things. The service is called Slack EKM.

All data that users send via the platform is already encrypted by Slack itself, but large companies often also want the option to manage that process themselves. In industries that have to deal with a lot of strict regulations, this is a common requirement. Examples are the financial sector and health care.

Slack EKM can also be used to control the way employees share data internally. The tool also gives companies the option to block use and chat channels in which sensitive information has been misused or misused. Specific messages and files can also be withdrawn.

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