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Google is looking to be more dominant in the collaboration and communication space by bringing together Gmail, Google Drive and Hangouts, among others. According to The Information, Google is currently working on one unified app, specifically aimed at companies.

According to The Information, it is (for the time being) only a mobile application without a desktop variant, but it is already being tested internally at Google itself. The presentation of the app would have taken place earlier this month behind closed doors and was held by the CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian.

That Kurian took over the presentation would be because the new app will be part of G Suite: a part of Google that falls under the cloud branch and is therefore overseen by Kurian.

Fierce competition for Google

Google will market the communication app exclusively to companies to capture a part of the business communication market. The existing competition in this market is considerable. Microsoft Teams and Slack are already doing well in the market for business communications, which will make it difficult for Google to squeeze its way in.

It’s no surprise that Google is coming up with such an app for companies. Lately, Google has been focusing much more on the business market. Especially under the lead of Thomas Kurian. Google is playing a big role in the business market with Google Cloud and Gsuite. Recently it also made a new premium version of its own Google Cloud storage available. It is specifically aimed at companies that can’t do without stored data in the cloud.