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In the existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a new function will be created for companies, focused on bundling the capabilities of data scientists.

The new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science Service (OCIDSS) builds on the platform DataScience.com, acquired by Oracle in 2018, where groups of scientists could easily work together. Projects, catalogues with models and other useful functions were part of the capabilities that this platform offered data scientists.

Working on projects simultaneously

In the Oracle Cloud, popular tools such as Jupyter and languages such as Python can now be used, with which Oracle hopes to attract large companies. The cloud aspect should make it easy to work on something at the same time, rather than individually. Greg Pavlik, senior vice president of Oracle’s development division, noted that as the main issue.

“The biggest problem we often see with teams of data scientists is that everyone downloads things separately to their laptop and goes to work in isolation. As a result, you lose a sense of security and a sense of responsibility: two of the best things about software development. We want to help organisations with this by taking nothing away but making things accessible”.

Oracle is not the only one that focuses on attracting companies by making collaboration easier. Google did the same with Kubeflow Pipelines.