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A popular requested feature within Microsoft Teams is the ability to call Skype users (also a Microsoft service). Already announced in mid-2019, but availability was not known, till now. Microsoft is now announcing that the function will appear this month.

According to Microsoft’s roadmap, users of Teams and Skype should be able to call and chat with each other this month. The feature will be disabled by default for Office 365 users, but can be enabled in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

In July 2021 Skype for Business Online will be disabled and users will have to transfer to Microsoft Teams. The fact that it is now possible to call normal Skype users from Microsoft Teams is a good reason to switch earlier. It is not possible to call normal Skype users from Skype for Business. This was once possible but has been disabled by Microsoft.

The introduction of the feature comes just a month after another major update for teams, which Microsoft wanted to make the service more attractive to businesses. In February, Outlook was already integrated into Teams, allowing instant email sharing. In addition, the update also came with a number of useful features that should simplify the use of Teams.

Microsoft continues to improve its collaboration suite, there is also a large update on the program for Outlook called spaces.