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Before the end of the month Microsoft wants to roll out a new feature in their Teams chat service Teams, so the company lets you know on its own website. The update should make it possible to see nine instead of four participants of a call on the screen at the same time.

Microsoft Teams is one of the many conference programs that got significantly more users since the beginning of the corona virus outbreak, which also increased the demand for improvements. A request to be able to see more people on screen at the same time during a call received tens of thousands of upvotes in the suggestion sharing section. So many that Microsoft couldn’t get around it.

To date, only four participants of a call can be seen on the screen at the same time; by the end of April, that number should be increased to nine. The rollout of this feature has been accelerated by Microsoft because of the corona virus outbreak, and in the future, the plan is to increase that number again, to improve interaction. Microsoft does not want to give a rock-solid release date for that addition, just like the intended number of visible participants.

Looking at the competition from Teams when it comes to videoconferencing, there are a number of services that display significantly more than nine images simultaneously. Zoom supports as many as 49, while Google Meet (previously Hangouts), for example, shows 25 people at the same time.

Not only will Teams be closer to the competition in terms of the number of visible participants before the end of April, the service will also receive the option to have multiple chats open in separate windows. For now this is only possible in tabs in Teams. Before the end of April, multi-window chat should be available.