Microsoft launches new automation and planning tools for Teams

Microsoft launches new automation and planning tools for Teams

Microsoft introduces new automation and planning tools for Microsoft Teams. The company announced these updates at the annual online Build conference.

Most updates are focused on Teams Meetings. For example, users will soon be able to plan, manage and execute virtual appointments using the new Bookings app. Teams will also get new features for scheduling meetings in Shifts. The application now has new triggers and templates to automatically approve Shift requests without, for example, the need for manager approval.

In the near future, Microsoft will also add several customisable templates to Teams to help new users get started. Think of standard business scenarios such as event management and crisis response, but also industry-specific templates for hospitals, for example. The templates contain preset channels, apps and guidance, according to the company.

In addition, Microsoft will soon make Power Virtual Agents chatbots available in the Teams app store. This makes creating and managing these chatbots easier.

Microsoft will also soon release a new feature that makes it easier to integrate Power Apps and Power Automate business process templates into Teams, and Power BI users will soon be able to share reports with Teams swiftly.

NDI support

In addition, Microsoft Teams will soon receive Network Device Interface (NDI) support. Currently, users can enable a similar feature in Skype, allowing Skype interviews with multiple participants to be streamed via a streaming software and platform of choice. It enables users to receive separate video streams for each participant.

This feature is now coming to Teams, making it easier for companies to broadcast publicly or privately based on Teams chats. Teams will also be integrated with Skype TX, the Skype solution used by many broadcast networks to conduct remote interviews. According to Microsoft, NDI support will go live next month.