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Zoom unveils hardware-as-a-service subscription for enterprises

Zoom unveils hardware-as-a-service subscription for enterprises

Today, Zoom Video Communications, unveiled a hardware-as-a-service subscription in order to attract a sizeable slice of enterprise spending on communications equipment for workers.

Zoom provides a couple of premium features to companies that utilise its video conferencing platform. They include Zoom Rooms, which offers integration with conference room equipment such as wall displays, and Zoom Phone, which connects the platform to enterprise phone systems.

The hardware-as-a-service subscription will allow companies that utilise these features to purchase the necessary video-conferencing tools directly from Zoom. The key selling point is that the hardware is offered as a subscription. Enterprises pay a fixed monthly fee for the equipment they purchase as a percentage of their Zoom bill, which eliminates upfront costs usually incurred when an enterprise buys a large amount of hardware at once.

Zoom’s collaboration with ServiceNow

Zoom said that the solutions would be provided through ServiceNow’s service delivery platform, which is a part of an agreement with the cloud giant separately unveiled today. The deal will see both firms use one another’s tools. Zoom will adopt ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management algorithm to provide services to its customers. On the other hand, ServiceNow will use Zoom’ Phone system.

“Zoom’s capabilities and easy-to-use interface have helped our employees stay productive, supporting seamless digital conversations with our customers,” ServiceNow Chief Information Officer Chris Bedi said in a statement. “Going forward, with the addition of Zoom Phone, we’re getting a head start on an even more robust experience with Zoom.”

The ServiceNow deal and new HaaS subscription are good moves by Zoom

The new hardware-as-a-service solutions and the ServiceNow deal bring attention to the increasing upselling prospects that exist for Zoom. In the first quarter, the enterprise had over 300 million daily meeting participants.

In the last quarter, Zoom earned a revenue of $328.2 million, up 169% year-over-year. It reported having roughly 265,400 clientele and over 2850 employees.