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On Thursday, Microsoft announced that it would be releasing the new Meetings experience to a significant portion of Team users in a couple of days. Many new features will back the unique experience for desktop clients on both Mac and Windows. Below are the steps to follow to be able to join the experience.

  • At the top of the Teams app, click on your profile pic and select Settings followed by General.
  • Click on Turn on New Meeting Experience.
  • Click on Restart Teams.

There are several key features you’ll enjoy after restarting.

Powerful capabilities

Calls and meeting notifications will be popping on a new window that is separate from the main window being used by the teams. To enhance ease of control, meeting controls are docked at the top of the meeting screen and are precisely located to prevent blocking the content on the screen.

Users now have a Large gallery view that gives access to almost 50 video streams. Some users may prefer using Together mode, which simulates the feeling of being in the same boat with other attendees. You can find Together Mode in the same menu where the Large Gallery is located.

Ease of access

In the main Teams window, there is a Meeting notes tab where users can take and view notes. Go to more options (in the meeting window) and click on show meeting notes to access the notes tab.

Focus mode is also available to allow attendees to carefully follow the meeting without being distracted by the video feeds. This is done by clicking on Focus mode. However, the government plan, free plans, and web teams are excluded from the new meeting experience.

Tip: Microsoft Teams worthless for companies with multiple clients