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Google announced today that it is partnering with Siemens to advance AI deployments for industrial use cases. Specifically, Google is looking to integrate its Google Cloud data analytics and AI tools into Siemens’ Digital Industries Factory Automation portfolio.

The integration will offer Google one of the six key verticals that it is targeting.

The integration is touted by the companies as a way to simplify the management of factory data, run cloud-based AI and machine learning models on it, and run algorithms at the network edge.

What can users look forward to?

In the coming months, the companies will tell users more about the Google Cloud tools they plan to integrate into the Siemens portfolio, which will be offered as a joint solution. For now, all we know is that the solutions will target factory automation use cases like energy efficiency and quality control.

In quality control, for example, AI can help with visual inspection on manufacturing floors or anticipate when machines need maintenance.

Legacy solutions for managing factory data are resource-intensive and need manual updates. The solutions that Google sees to make these areas more efficient are based on AI.

Who wants AI?

A recent KPMG survey says that as many as 49% of respondents in industrial manufacturing said that they have fully functional AI deployments. 44% said that their AI deployments are moderately functional and 7% said they use limited AI or are in the piloted capacity stage.

Google and Siemens say that AI deployments in factories can be hard to scale across organizations that could use them, which is where the integration comes in.

The goal is to target those stuck in the ‘pilot project’ stage of AI deployment. The companies tout the integration as a game-changer in the manufacturing industry.

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