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Trello announced the availability of more capabilities for free and introduced a new tier for small businesses.

The expansion comes as the project management and collaboration platform aims to amass 100 million users and become the command centre for all productivity tools.

Michael Pryor, the co-founder and head of Trello, wrote in a blog post explaining that for the past two years, the company has seen a sharp increase in the demand for work management tools that are powerful but also easy to learn, especially for small teams making the shift from emails, spreadsheets and Post-It notes for the first time.

For small teams

To reach this demographic, Trello is rolling out a new Standard tier that charges $5 per user/month. It sits between the free tier and the business class tier. The latter is getting rebranded to the ‘Premium’ tier.

The Standard tier offers unlimited boards, which can be used to manage projects and act as information hubs.

Users can also access advanced checklists, which were previously only available in the Premium tier. The Standard tier also has custom fields for users to add specific data to the front of their Trello cards and 1,000 automation commands per month.

What else changed?

Trello is also adding more built-in automation to its tools for all tiers. The additions include quick action automation in cards and lists, so users can write autonomous rules when required.

The most common automation commands will be pre-added in the list and card menu.

Additionally, users will also be able to share automation commands to other boards for teammates to use, saving time and avoiding repetitions of the same tasks when copy/paste will do.