Ericsson buys communications platform Vonage for 5.5 billion euros

Ericsson buys communications platform Vonage for 5.5 billion euros

To provide more services on top of its network technology, Ericsson is acquiring cloud communications specialist Vonage. The adherent Vonage Communications Platform will soon allow companies to get the most out of 5G connectivity.

Ericsson’s acquisition of Vonage for 5.5 billion euros (6.2 billion dollars) is the largest since the purchase of wireless networking specialist Cradlepoint.

Vonage develops the Vonage Communications Platform, which forms the basis for the vendor’s UCaaS services. This platform provides capabilities for developing 4G and 5G APIs that leverage the capabilities of network infrastructures. The Vonage platform has more than 120,000 enterprise customers worldwide and is used by approximately 1 million developers for developing APIs.

Earning from APIs on top of mobile infrastructure

Ericsson points out that telecom operators can use APIs developed through the Vonage platform to extract value from their infrastructure environments by delivering these APIs directly to their customers.

The acquisition of Vonage is scheduled to finalize in the first half of 2022. The definitive moment is subject to the approval of Vonage’s shareholders and regulators.

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