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The new offerings include Zoom Whiteboard, Gesture Recognition, Zoom IQ for Sales, and more.

This week, Zoom announced a slate of updates and new features, including a virtual whiteboard and gesture recognition.

Theresa Larkin, Zoom’s Manager for UCaaS Product Marketing, announced the new product updates in a blog post. “We’re releasing some fresh features and products to put some ‘spring’ into your communications”, she said. “We’ve provided a range of features to help you and your teams enhance, protect, and streamline your collaboration.”

First, there’s Zoom IQ for Sales, a conversation AI solution that analyzes customer interactions to surface key insights, actions, and content from sales meetings.

Then there’s Gesture Recognition, which allows users to “easily share how you’re feeling with others and encourage seamless engagement.” It does this by allowing visual gestures, such as a raised hand, to automatically display a corresponding meeting reaction.

Zoom Whiteboard headlines the new feature set

Next up is Zoom Whiteboard. “We’ve completely rebuilt our whiteboard experience to bring you the all-new Zoom Whiteboard”, Larkin writes. This includes a cross-platform, persistent, online, visual collaboration solution that’s built right into the Zoom desktop client, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Rooms for Touch devices.

Security was updated as well. When Zoom detects unusual activity, such as logging in from a new device or a different country, it will ask users to enter a one-time password.

Zoom announced an expansion of the Expo floor for Zoom Events, which now allows 1,500 concurrent participants. They’re also raising the limit on booths to 300, including 100 sponsored and 200 non-sponsored, with up to 20 representatives per sponsor and 20 representatives per booth.

Zoom Contact Center now allows users to toggle automatic call recording for both inbound and outbound calls. Contact Center also allows users to create and adjust message channel flows for chat and SMS. Videos can be shown to customers in the Waiting Room. Furthermore, the inbox now includes voicemail transcriptions.