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Kyndryl, an IT services provider, strikes up a new partnership with Oracle cloud infrastructure to expand its delivery network.

The collaboration between Kyndryl and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) will pave the way for a wide range of new services. By incorporating Oracle technologies, Kyndryl’s goal is to help businesses become more modernized and shift their applications to the cloud.

By participating with the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), Kyndryl aims to expand its service delivery capabilities across all networking platforms.

In a recent announcement, Kyndryl mentioned that it is also planning to create solutions for customers related to data modernization and governance, cybersecurity and resilience, AI-driven Innovations, and enhancing mission-critical workloads on the cloud.

“We are pleased to expand our collaboration with Oracle and will work to help customers modernize applications and workloads to accelerate and succeed on their journey to the cloud,” commented Stephen Leonard, Global Alliances & Partnerships Leader, Kyndryl.

The partnership will help Oracle and Kyndryl expand

The company, in the beginning, would be helping Oracle Cloud Customer and Oracle Exa-data with IT infrastructure services, lowering the cost of administration, and also helping them improve their up-time.

“The combination of Kyndryl managed services, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a versatile and efficient foundation for companies to confidently move, build and run their mission-critical IT operations in the cloud,” Leonard added.

Kyndryl said as an Oracle Partner; it will also place focus on several key areas that need improvements, such as the resiliency and disaster recovery options, data analytic services, network, and edge computing services, and advanced database consolidation and migration of on-premise ERP software to the oracle cloud infrastructure (OCI).

“The combination of Kyndryl’s expertise and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure empowers these organizations to realize their desired business outcomes from the latest technological innovations. This partnership will expand our reach, helping more global customers move critical workloads to the cloud.”