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DocuSign further expanded its integrations with Slack. DocuSign CLM for Slack allows users to perform full contract lifecycle management in Slack, including contract creation, signing and storage.

The new integration expands Slack’s functionality as a multi-purpose platform. Integrations with third-party tools allow Slack users to perform various workloads without switching applications.

DocuSign was integrated into Slack during the pandemic. The functionality recently expanded with the introduction of DocuSign CLM for Slack. Slack became a viable tool for full contract lifecycle management (CLM). Joint customers can now draft, review and sign contracts in Slack.

The functionality helps users view and perform contract workflows in Slack. Users can provide feedback, resolve comments, review adjustments and ultimately sign contracts.

Hybrid work

According to DocuSign, the integration suits hybrid work. Remote employees can handle contracts without having to send physical copies back and forth. In addition, the integration improves efficiency by allowing users to work in a single application.

Slack isn’t the only collaboration platform to feature far-reaching integrations with DocuSign’s solutions. DocuSign previously announced an integration for contract signing in Zoom.